The Wardrobe’s Best Dressed: Sarah Sadie’s “Do-It-Yourself Paper Airplanes”

Sadie Cover Pic

Pumpkin Muffins

The kids and the gods all wait for me to wake up to myself.
One set wants pumpkin muffins, the other for me to realize
I’ve been insisting on the wrong trajectory for years.
Then the coffee kicks in and I learn that’s not true.
The gods would be happy with muffins, they say, and the kids
want me to be happy, to remember how to play.
The morning cracks open to mousetraps and furnaces,
the ditch fills with blossoming chicory, and I set
the timer again like a boundary, a far horizon.
Nutmeg and baking powder, what crucial creation
opens this can of pumpkin and oils the tins?
What kind of world? The first one tested bitter
with too much spice and not enough sugar, I worried,
but the kids said they were fine and smiling boarded the bus.


This selection comes from Sarah Sadie’s chapbook, Do-It-Yourself Paper Airplanes available no from Five Oaks Press. Purchase your copy here!

Sarah Sadie’s chapbook, Do-It-Yourself Paper Airplanes was published by Five Oaks Press in 2015 and a second full length collection, We Are Traveling Through Dark at Tremendous Speeds, is due out in spring 2016 from LitFest Press. She teaches online at the Loft and in person at the University of Iowa Summer Writing Festival, and works with poets one on one. When she’s not doing those things she’s probably off seeking endarkenment or driving her kids to music lessons. Find her multimedia blog at @sarahsadie1313

Leslie LaChance edits Mixitini Matrix: A Journal of Creative Collaboration, has curated The Wardrobe for Sundress Publications and written poetry reviews for Stirring: A Literary Collection. Her poems have appeared in literary journals, and her chapbook, How She Got That Way, was published in the quartet volume Mend & Hone by Toadlily Press in 2013. She teaches literature and writing at Volunteer State Community College in Tennessee, and if she is not teaching, writing, or editing, she has probably just gone to make some more espresso.


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