Project Bookshelf: Devyn Fussman

My Bookshelf

I don’t have a traditional bookshelf yet, which is just as well since I have way more books than would ever fit! It’s probably obvious that I’m a Sherlock Holmes fan; I confess it only took 10 minutes of the BBC show to convert me forever. My tastes span the gamut from fantasy to religion to literary classics to children’s and YA to manga to horror and back again, which makes the question of “What’s your favorite” the hardest for me to answer. However, I can say that some of my most beloved books in here are The Hobbit, Anne of Green Gables, Ballet Shoes, Tarzan of the Apes, and of course, Sherlock.

Devyn Fussman is a senior English major at Florida State University and a born bookworm. She has written and edited for several publications, including The Southeast Review, TIPS, and Nole Reservations. She is currently an information assistant at FSU Student Publications and pursuing her English degree and a certificate in Editing and Publishing. When she’s not writing, Devyn enjoys fan-fiction, books, photography, and video games.


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