The One Where I Ruin Your Childhood by Daniel Crocker Released by Sundress Publications


Knoxville, TN—Sundress Publications is pleased to announce the release of Daniel Crocker’s newest chapbook, The One Where I Ruin Your Childhood.

“The poems in The One Where I Ruin Your Childhood are urgent and raw. Crocker uses popular culture to gut punch coming of age insecurities and all the ferocious sexual energy that comes with growing up. Whether in the form of a lust poem from Skeletor to He-Man, an existential lament for Snuffleupagas, or a poignant rumination on siblings, Crocker’s poems are at turns funny and haunting, and always bristling with the electric murmur of their characters making a place in the world for themselves.”

-James Brubaker, author of Liner Notes and Pilot Season

“I’ve never read a book so heartbreaking, so funny, so tender, so powerful, and so real. At a certain point in this book, one loses one’s bearings completely, and enters the darkness and confusion that Crocker has been hinting at. Then, Crocker takes that sensibility a step further. These poems needed to be written.”

-Steve Henn, author of And God Said: Let there be Evolution by NYQ Books

Daniel Crocker is the author the short fiction collection Do Not Look Directly Into Me and three collections of poetry, the most recent being Like a Fish from Sundress Publications. His work has recently appeared in Hobart, The Good Men Project, The Chiron Review, The Mas Tequila Review, and others. He teaches at Southeast Missouri State University.

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