Sandra Marchetti’s Debut Full-Length Collection “Confluence” Now Available for Pre-Order


Knoxville, TN—Pre-orders for Sandra Marchetti’s debut full- length poetry collection, Confluence, are now available!

“These poems are richly eloquent and delicately nuanced as they illuminate the enigmatic, as they shape language around the ineffable, as they articulate the realm that is the confluence of what Wallace Stevens called the real and the imagination. Sandra Marchetti’s Confluence is a wonderful debut.”
–Eric Pankey, author of Crow-Work and Trace

Confluence cover

“’Roam the ground where you are’ writes Sandy Marchetti in Confluence, her impressive debut. Mediating the world in between—lover and beloved, day and night, lost and found, now and then—this lyric poetry celebrates the intimate as ebullient, charged. The lyrics, read through imagery and felt through sound, ‘riff in bits and licks.” Sandy Marchetti has convincingly made us a world.'”
–Sally Keith, author of The Fact of the Matter and Dwelling Song

“’Comfort is when / you are tethered / to a place / you couldn’t move / fast from anyway,’ Sandy Marchetti writes in Confluence, and we can take deep comfort in her lovely and loving tetherings to place, both pastoral and domestic, where ‘What’s young / comes lick-swift’ and one’s beloved is always nearby to ‘delight in,’ to make one’s ‘skin a new bird, white in the morning-bright and newly downy.’ What a shining debut.”
–Jason Koo, author of America’s Favorite Poem and Man on Extremely Small Island

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Sandra Marchetti is the author of Confluence, a debut full-length collection of poetry from Sundress Publications. Eating Dog Press also published an illustrated edition of her essays and poetry, A Detail in the Landscape, and her first volume, The Canopy, won Midwest Writing Center’s Mississippi Valley Chapbook Contest. Sandy won Second Prize in Prick of the Spindle‘s 2014 Poetry Open and was a finalist for Gulf Coast’s Poetry Prize. Her poetry and prose appears in The Journal, Subtropics, The Hollins Critic, Sugar House Review, Mid-American Review, Thrush Poetry Journal, Green Mountains Review, South Dakota Review, Appalachian Heritage, Southwest Review, Phoebe, and elsewhere. Sandy is a teacher and freelance manuscript editor who lives and writes outside of Chicago.

Pre-order a copy of Sandra Marchetti’s Confluence at publications.

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