“Exodus in X Minor” by Fox Frazier-Foley Released by Sundress Publications


Knoxville, TN— Sundress Publications is pleased to announce the release of Exodus in X Minor, Fox Frazier-Foley’s debut poetry collection and winner of the 2014 Sundress Chapbook Contest. From now until Sunday, January 25th, order any Sundress title and receive a FREE copy of this chapbook!

“Fox Frazier-Foley’s Exodus in X Minor offers us an extraordinary album of portraits drawn from the darkest reaches of upstate New York. Her broken figures are awash in drugs, death, and Spiritualism, and what hopes that have left seem raw and intimate, yet inevitably dangerous. The constellations of darkness that illuminate these poems begin to swirl into an accelerating vortex, and even the most righteous reader will have to face going down.”
– David St. John

“Fox Frazier-Foley chills us, makes hair bristle, palms sweat, in engaging bright language, in vibratory, sinuous poems. Exodus in X Minor traverses an unbounded inner being, alive at the crux of risk, and enters the world, trauma seeping outside-in through the poet’s porous lines.”
– Susan McCabe

“I’ve read Fox Frazier-Foley’s Exodus in X Minor about ten times now, more, and I still don’t quite know what to do with it. I go back to it, roll images and phrases around like blood red berries in my mouth, and every time I think I have a handle on it, I realize I just can’t grasp it. This isn’t a book you ‘get.’ It’s a book that gets you. You dream about it and wake up sweating, shaking, like you’ve been chased all night by a strange animal, one you can’t quite identify. You’re desperate for it to reveal itself. This sharp, elusive book is smarter than I am, and it scares me in the best way possible. I’m so grateful for the challenge, for the lack of comfort these poems provide.”
– Beth Couture, Judge, 2014 Sundress Chapbook Contest

Fox Frazier-Foley is an initiate of Haitian Vodou who hails from upstate New York and northern Virginia. Her first full-length collection of poems, The Hydromantic Histories, was chosen by Chard deNiord as winner of the Bright Hill Press Poetry Book Prize, and is forthcoming in 2015. She is a Founding Editor and Managing Editor of the Los Angeles-based small press Ricochet Editions, and Editor-Curator of The Poetry Blog’s Infoxicated Corner, where she created the Political Punch poetry series. She is a staff writer for Luna Luna magazine; her book reviews and essays have mostly recently appeared or are forthcoming in Denver Quarterly, Tarpaulin Sky, and Open Letters Monthly.

Exodus in X Minor is also available as a free eBook on the Sundress Publications website: http://www.sundresspublications.com.


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