Here is the list of the amazing writers we received work from for The Wardrobe in March & April of this year.

Lindsay Lusby’s Imago from Dancing Girl Press (2014)

Tasha Cotter’s Some Churches from Gold Wake Press (June 2013)

Allie Marini Batt’s You Might Curse Before You Bless from ELJ Publications (April 2013)

Jennifer Militello’s Body Thesaurus from Tupelo Press (2013)

Judith Gille’s The View from Casa Chepitos from Davis Bay Press (October 2013)

M’s That Mythic Country Called Closure from Concrete Wolf (2013)

Elizabeth Kerlikowske’s Suicide Notes was self-published (2014)

Elizabeth Kerlikowske’s Last Hula from Rock in the River Lit Series (SRCA)

Sally Rosen Kindred’s Book of Asters from Mayapple Press (2014)

Kirsten Imani Kasai’s Rhapsody in Snakeskin: Tales of Erotic Horror from E-Book distributed by Amazon (March 2012)

Kristen Clodfelter’s CASUALTIES from RopeWalk Press (October 2013)

Jennifer Cheng’s Invocation: An Essay from New Michigan Press (January 2001)

Sarah Marcus’ BACKCOUNTRY from Finishing Line Press (2013)

Sarah Marcus’ Every Bird, To You from Crisis Chronicles Press (2013)

Elizabeth J Cohen’s The Green Condition

J Gay’s Decomposition from Dancing Girl Press (2014)

Jessica Ankeny’s One Simple Step to Keeping a Clean Gun from Dancing Girl Press (2013)

Lori Lamothe’s Diary in Irregular Ink from ELJ Publications (March 2014)

Amy MacLennan’s Weathering from Uttered Chaos Press (2012)

Angela Howe Decker’s Splendid Catastrophe from Finishing Line Press (2014)

G.L. Morrison’s Chiaroscuro from Headmistress Press (2013)

Mary Meriam’s Word Hot from Headmistress Press (2013)

Susana H. Case’s 4 Rms w Vu from Mayapple Press (2014)

Judith Terzi’s Ghazal for a Chambermaid from Finishing Line Press (2013)


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