January 2014 Wardrobe Submissions

In the first month of The Wardrobe, we received 70 submissions of books and chapbooks by women writers.  While we will be unable to showcase them all, we continue to feature one new writer every week with different curators each month.

Here is the list of the amazing writers we received work from in January.

Emily Avendroth’s ]Exposures[ from Ahsahta Press (May 2014)
Kristien Abraham’s The Disappearing Cowboy Trick from Horse Less Press (August 2013)
Kathleen Aguero’s After That from Tiger Bark Press (October 2013)
Judith Arcana’s Keesha and Joanie and Jane from Eberhardt Press (July 2013)
Judith Arcana’s The Parachute Jump Effect from Uttered Chaos (August 1912)
Michelle Auerbach’s The Third Kind of Horse from Beatdom Books (May 18,2013)
Kim Baker’s Under the Influence from Finishing Line Press (March 2013)
JoAnn Balingit’s Words for House Story from WordTech Communications (May 2013)
Becca Barniskis’ Mimi and Xavier Star In A Mueseum That Fits Entirely In One’s Pocket from Anomalour Press (October 2013)
Grace Bauer’s Cafe Culture from Imaginary Friend Press (October 2013)
Tantra Bensko’s Collapsible Horizon from Create Space Independent Publishing Platform (July 2012)
Liat Berdugo’s The Everyday Maths from Autumn Hill Books (July 2012)
RK Biswas’ Culling Mynahs and Crows from Lifi Publications (July 2012)
Kelly Boyker’sZoonosis from Hyacinth Girl Press (2014)
Michelle Chan Brown’s Double Agent form Kore Press (September 2012)
Leah Browning’s In The Chair Museum from Dancing Girl Press (2013)
Mary Lou Buschi’s The Spell of Coming (Or Going) from Patasoia’s Press (March 2013)
Susana H. Case Elvis Presley’s Hips and Mick Jagger’s Lips from Anaphora Literary Press (April 2013)
Susana H. Case’s Earth and Below from Anaphora Literary Press (April 2013)
Sara Chaney’s Precipice Fruit from ELJ Publications (October 2013)
Cathryn Cofell-Mutschier’s Sister Satellite from Cowfeather Press (August 2013)
Ryder Collins’ Orpheus on Toast from Imaginary Friend Press (November 2010)
Chella Courington’s Girls and Women form Burning River Press (2011)
Barbara Crooker Gold from Wipf & Stock Pub (June 2013)
Sandra Doller’s Mysterieuse from Autumn Hill Books (March 2013)
Meg Eden’s The Girl Who Came Back from Red Bird Chapbooks (August 2013)
Stevie Edwards’ Good Grief from Write Bloody Publishing (April 15, 2012)
Moira Ega’s Hot Flash Sonnets form Passager Books (June 2013)
Maureen Foley’s Women Float from CCLaP Publishing (May 2013)
Janice Freedard’s The Continuing Adventures of Alice Spider Autumn Hill Books (March 2013)
Patricia Frolander’s Married Into It from Hight Plains Press (June 2011)
Jeannine Hall Gailey’s Unexplained Fevers from New Binary Press (March 2013)
Peggy Hamilton’s Questions for Animals from Ahsahta Press (September 2013)
Brenda Mann Hammack’s Humbug from Misty Publications (2013)
Sara Henning’s A Sweeter Water from Lavender Ink (September 2013)
Sara Henning’s To Speak of Dahlias from Finishing Line Press (2012)
Jane Hoppen’s In Between from Bold Strokes (December 2013)
Leigh Anne Hornfeldt’s The Intimacy Archive form ELJ Publications (October 2013)
Rose Hunter’s You As Poetry from Texture Press (September 2013)
Lucy Ives’ Orange Roses Ahsahta Press (September 2013)
Alyse Knorr’s Annotated Glass from Furniture Press Books (2013)
Dawn Lonsinger’s Whelm from Lost Horse Press (April 2013)
Katie Manning’s The Gospel of the Bleeding Woman from Wipf & Stock Pub (May 2013)
Michelle Menting Myth of Solitude from Imaginary Friend Press (September 2013)
Ye Mimi’s His Days Go By The Way Her Years from Anomalous Press (March 2014)
Monica Mody’s Kala Pani’s from 1913 Press (December 2013)
Amanda Montei’s The Failure Age from Bloof Books (2014)
Barbara Nightingale’s Two Voices One Past from Yellow Jacket Press (May 2012)
Patty Paine’s Feral from Imaginary Friend Press (March 2012)
Adriana Paramno’s My Mother’s Funeral from Cavankerry (October 2013)
Connie Post’s And When The Sun Drops from Finishing Line Press (2013)
Joani Reese’s Dead Letters from Cervena Barva Press (2013)
Helen Ruggieri’s The Kingdom Where Everybody Sings Off Key from Aldrich Press (April 2013)
Jane Satterfield’s Her Familiars from Elixer Press (February 2013)
Tina Schumann’s As If form  Dover Publications (October 2011)
Natalie Shapero’s No Object from Saturnalia (March 2013)
Carol Smallwood’s A Ceremony from The Head & The Hand Press (2014)
Ayshia Stephenson’s Black Hands on a Morning Calm from Imaginary Friend Press (2014)
Stephanie Strickland’s Dragon Logic from Ahsahta Press (September 2013)
TC Tolber’s Gephyromania from Ahsahta Press (2013)
Sarah Tourjee’s Ghost from Autumn Hill Books (March 2013)
Sara Tracey’s Some Kind of Shelter from Misty Publications (2013)
Amy Tudor’s The Secret Museum from Finishing Line Press (2014)
Meg Tuit’s Bound By Blue from Sententia Books (November 2013)
Meg Tuit’s Her Skin is a Costume from Red Bird Chapbooks (2014)
Ruhama Veitfort’s Strange Attractors from Endeavour Press (2014)
Laura Madel Wiseman’s Intimates and Fools from Les Femmes Folles Books (January 2014)
Laura Madel Wiseman’s Queen of the Platform from Anaphora Literary Press (December 2013)
Laura Madel Wiseman’s How to Survive a Hotel Fire from Coconut Books (June 2012)


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