National Poetry Month Playlist: Chris Petruccelli’s Picks


To celebrate National Poetry Month, our Sundress editors are sharing some of their favorite poems, most influential poems, and poems that they are really digging right now. Put them all together, and you have the Sundress Poetry Playlist!

Today’s picks come from Stirring editor, Chris Petruccelli!

Carroll-Hackett’s poem is a reminder of what I want out of place–a familiarity that runs deep enough to be knowledgeable with something called spikenard. The poem also reminds me of issues I’ve been dealing with lately (i.e. desire of place, creating a sense of place in people and the danger therein).

Among the Things He Does Not Deserve by Dan Albergotti

I discovered the Albergotti piece around when my partner and I broke up. I saw myself as the he who doesn’t deserve anything and that was particularly harrowing. At the time, it was what I needed to read and I like to think the poem spurred me into some much needed critical self-assessment.
Chris Petruccelli is a graduate student at the University of Missouri. He earned his BA in geography at UT and claims eastern Tennessee as home. He likes to drink whiskey, smoke cigarettes and study forest dynamics. His poetry has appeared in Josephine Quarterly, Connotation Press, and Gingerbread House Literary Magazine.

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