OUTSpoken Seeks Submissions from LGBTQ Writers


Knoxville, TN — OUTSpoken is an exciting new program from the Sundress Academy for the Arts (SAFTA) that aims to amplify the experiences of the LGBTQ community of Knoxville. By creating a platform for sex- and gender-diverse individuals in the South where they can share and perform their experiences, the program is able bring understanding into the entire community and unite them with art.

Artists from all over the country can submit a wide range of work to OUTSpoken, including poetry, prose, spoken word, and video submissions of a monologue, dramatic piece, or film. For a $15 entry fee, writers can submit up to three poems, 1,200 words of prose, or five minutes worth of performance or film clips. Winners will receive $100 for travel expenses to perform at the event in July 2014, as well as publication in Sundress Publications’ Stirring: A Literary Collection and admission to one of SAFTA’s weekend Workshops at Firefly Farms, free of charge.

OUTSpoken will also include a series of focused workshops, where artists can develop their creative work as a group, beginning in February and continuing through April. These workshop participants will also have the opportunity to participate in the staged reading in June, showcasing their work. OUTSpoken hopes to bring attention to the work of a wide range of individuals, including those whose experiences demonstrate intersectional issues.

As LGBTQ issues gain greater visibility, it is crucial that we explore the complexities of sex and gender diversity respectfully. In order to create a meaningful dialogue, we must acknowledge and listen to the stories, experiences, grievances, arguments, and counterarguments of all sex- and gender-diverse persons.It is our sincerest hope that this project will illuminate the struggles of Southern LGBTQ persons and celebrate sex and gender diversity in East Tennessee and beyond.

For more information, visit www.sundresspublications.com/outspoken


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