Bookshelf Project: From the Bookshelves of Meagan Cass

Ah, the bookshelf. A writer’s most prized possession. This week Sundress Publications is showing our bookshelf love by inviting you all to snoop around our bookshelves and learn the back story on all the odds and ends that make our shelves, well, uniquely ours.


“This is my office bookshelf at the University of Illinois Springfield. It’s a bit industrial, but it includes: lots of lit mags, short story collections, and folklore books, stickers from Palooka, shells from Greenport, LI, where my grandparents lived, a Mardi Gras soccer ball and Rougarou bookmarks, a mug made by a UIS ceramics student, tea, a framed cover of the Alchemist Review (our undergrad literary journal), an ear of campus corn (yes, we have a corn field on campus), Trader Joe’s coffee, and Tony Chacere’s gumbo mix, which I will one day remember to bring home and cook. Really, I will.” – Meagan Cass, Associate Editor for Sundress Publications and Fiction Editor for the Best of the Net Anthology



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