Meet Nathan Frank, our Fall Design Intern

          When I learned about the internship, I already knew I wanted to become more heavily involved in the work of design. Web design, specifically, but the skill of visual design is more than the manipulation objects within a graphics editing program like Photoshop. Content arrangement, user-friendly layout, and accessibility, in addition to graphic design, are important to both the publisher and the web site editor.

          My path to this career has been an interesting one. I have loved both computers and literature since a young age. I graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor’s in English and am proud of the skills in critical thinking and analysis the experience earning it gave me. At the same time, during my collegiate career, I was one of the go-to people for technical suggestions and solutions. I enjoyed gaming as well as reading during times not devoted to school or professional work.

          What excites me about being a design intern with a publishing company like Sundress is the opportunity to hone my technological skills while co-working with creative writers and thinkers; continuing the combination of my love of creative writing and web technology.


Nathan Frank, Design Intern


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