Rebecca Klingsten On Joining The Sundress Publications Intern Crew


Hello, everyone!

My name is Rebecca and I’m happy to introduce myself as a new editorial intern. SAFTAcast host Scott Fynboe is a former professor of mine that first introduced me to Sundress. He suggested that I attend the fiction writers’ retreat this year and so I did. I had an amazing time in Tennessee meeting so many interesting individuals and that’s how I learned about this internship.

To tell you a little bit about myself, I’m originally from Howell, Michigan but have lived in Florida for about ten years now. I moved up to the big city of Orlando on July 1st in anticipation of beginning my studies in creative writing at University of Central Florida. I have also already started my job at Walt Disney World as an attractions operations cast member. So if anyone happens to be at Animal Kingdom, you can find me at It’s Tough to be a Bug!

Besides the many new things occurring in my life, some of my interests include traveling, video games, and various TV series. Of course I also enjoy reading and the genres that I like in particular are fantasy and historical fiction. Two of my favorite authors are Kim Harrison and Diana Gabaldon. (I’ll probably mention these two again when I do my Project Bookshelf post.) I’m also a huge animal lover and along with introducing myself, I thought I’d introduce my animal child as well. His name is Furby and he’s a very important part of my life even if he is just a cat.


Now that you all know a little more about me, I look forward to meeting and learning more about the many of you that work for Sundress Publications!

Rebecca Klingsten is a Junior at University of Central Florida. With a concentration in Creative Writing, she also hopes to have the opportunity to teach English as a foreign language in other countries. When she isn’t writing she spends her time at Disney and watches her favorite TV shows such as Game of Thrones.