Tiffany Stalsworth on the 2013 Grindhouse Grind-Off Shoot

Another autumn is upon us and for film makers in East Tennessee that means another festive season of bonfires, haunted houses, and, of course, our beloved Knoxville Horror Film Festival.

Offered in this film festival is a competition section known as the Grind House Grind Out, where thrill seeking artisans have the opportunity to make a genuine 1970’s horror film trailer for a movie that only exists in our minds, and is unique in how the thought process behind the trailer has to be planned out. Twenty to thirty teams participate in the competition each year, choosing from horror genres for anything from slasher movie to women in prison.

My husband, Jamison Stalsworth, and I have been participating in the grind house competition since it first started in 2011, winning best team the first year and best retro page, best overall trailer, and audience choice in 2012 for “Cannibal Santa.” The last two years have been challenging considering our team consisted of only Jamison, his best friend Austin Webb, our composer Cory Mollenhour, myself, and then a few last minute actor volunteers.

This year we were fortunate to have a good friend, Vania Smrkovski, introduce us to the SAFTA establishment. Right away, we fed off of the energy of this enthusiastic group. Joining up with them has been an amazing experience that we are very grateful for, and has made this film festival an enjoyable journey filled with laughter and new friendships. Jamison and I have worked with many different filming teams in the Knoxville area, and this has by far been the most positive group of people we have ever filmed with.

Have it be in front of the camera or behind the scenes, everyone was willing to jump in and do what was needed to be done, and everyone kept a wonderful attitude during the entire process. Erin Smith opened up her farm for filming, fed us, and let me cover her in blood; a team leader can’t ask for much more! Working with the amazing people of SAFTA again is not only something I look forward to, but something I yearn for.

And now you can watch our award-winning trailer, “The Curse of the Wereclown”!


Tiffany Stalsworth is part of the Dr. Moon Rat film making team. She specializes are co-directing and producing while working with her husband, Jamison, who runs the team.