Shitty First Drafts Episode 4, Featuring Lance Dyzak, is Live!

Picture1Sundress Publications announces the fourth episode of the podcast, Shitty First Drafts. A podcast made for and by writers, the show playfully investigates the creative processes of different artists to determine how a finished draft gets its polish.

Lance Dyzak joins Brynn Martin and Stephanie Phillips to discuss his short story “Extra Innings,” based on a bizarre event he witnessed at a park while walking his dog, and the various forms it went through before reaching its completion.

lance-dyzak-headshot.jpgIn the end, though the event helped Dyzak write a good story, he took it out and cautions writers against “injecting weirdness for the sake of weirdness” they are afraid to write something that feels like it’s been done before. He says, “A lot of writers are afraid of writing a boring story [but] it’s all in the details.”

In this episode, we also discuss the enneagram test (he’s a 5w4), baseball puns, killing your darlings (or filing them away for another time), and the world of online forums.

Lance Dyzak is a Ph.D. student in fiction at the University of Tennessee, where he is writing his first novel. His work has previously appeared in Southwest Review, Southern Indiana ReviewNew Limestone Review, and Per Contra. He is also the co-director of the Only-Tenn-I-See Reading Series, set to kick off in September.


The SAFTA Reading Series Presents Christopher Petruccelli, Stephanie Phillips, & Luke Marinac

July 26th at 3:00PM

Birdhouse Knoxville

800 N 4th Ave, Knoxville, Tennessee 37917

Sundress Academy for the Arts is proud to present this very special SAFTA Reading Series event featuring three former SAFTA staff members who will be leaving Knoxville to pursue their Master’s in Creative Writing in Alaska, Mississippi, and Ohio! Join us in celebrating the works of Chris Petruccelli, Stephanie Phillips, and Luke Marinac for One Last Night in Knoxville

Chris11713597_10152982407747514_1559030247_n Petruccelli is the author of the chapbook Action at a Distance, available at His poetry has appeared in Blast Furnace, Connotation Press, Gingerbread House, Rappahannock Review, and elsewhere. In his free time, Chris likes to drink whisky and smoke cigarettes with older women.


Stephanie Lee Phillips is a writer, photographer, and graduate student who can’t seem to stop being a barista in Knoxville, Tennessee. In the two years since graduating from UT, she has worked with Sundress Academy for the Arts and swiftly avoided questions about her future from her parent’s friends. She is pleased to finally get to say that she will be studying fiction at the University of Southern Mississippi this fall where she will finally try crawfish.


Luke Marinac studies and works at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. His poetry has appeared in Polaris, The Siren, Unlikely 2.0, and North Central Review. He believes bike repair belongs in the living room, and enjoys the gamboling through the wild countryside of the Smokey Mountains.

Free beverages (adult and otherwise) and snacks!

The SAFTA Reading Series is free and open to the public. We look forward to seeing you there!