Meet Our New Editorial Intern: Hunter Parsons


I come from a small city swallowed by larger suburbs. Clawson, Michigan is two square miles that is often mistaken for some other town located in the hub of the Metro Detroit area. Growing up, I spent my summers buying stale licorice ropes and Green Apple Jones Soda from the gas station around the corner, roller skating at the rink down the street, and sitting on my porch writing stories and poems in my journals.

When my location changed to Kalamazoo, Michigan to attend college, not much about my small town personality was altered. I still asked random people on the street if I could pet their dogs, I found quiet places in Kalamazoo to write, and became obsessed with fairy lights, baking, and caring for air plants.

I have been a writing consultant in my college’s writing center for three years, a teacher’s assistant for creative writing classes, co-taught a course on pedagogy, assisted in selecting works of fiction for my college’s literary magazine, The Cauldron, and have been published in zines such as This Heart is Homebound.10846333_10152906125364421_913962029239935187_n

This summer, I’ll be graduating from Kalamazoo College with a BA in English with a writing emphasis and will trek back to Metro Detroit with poetry books, a tiny plant army, and a collection of too many coffee cups. I hope that being home and without roller skates, I’ll be prompted to apply to graduate schools to pursue an MFA in poetry.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work for Sundress Publications as Editorial Intern!

Hunter Parsons is a senior at Kalamazoo College pursuing a degree in English with a writing emphasis. She has been published in The Cauldron, Kalamazoo College’s literary magazine, and is being mentored by poet Diane Seuss. When she’s not writing, being a plant mom, or advocating for young women’s self esteem, Hunter is baking and organizing her ever-growing make-up collection. 

Meet Our New Editorial Intern: Kate Belew!

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When I’m not writing I love to dance, travel, go to concerts, hula hoop, and read tarot cards. My dog Rosie is possibly my best friend, and pizza is a staple in my diet.

I was raised in the small town of Marshall, Michigan. Marshall is so small that I can’t go anywhere without knowing someone, but outside of Marshall I would have to show others where I’m from using the palm of my hand held up to represent the mitten. It’s a Michigan thing…

As soon as I had a car I began spending time in Kalamazoo where I now attend college and study poetry with Diane Seuss at Kalamazoo College. I plan to graduate next summer with a degree in English and a minor in Psychology. I live in a big blue house at the bottom of campus with six girls that also attend Kalamazoo College. In my spare time, I intern at the Kalamazoo Book Arts Center for their reading series, and co-edit The Cauldron, which is the literary journal at my school.

I began to write in third grade and it has since taken me everywhere from interning in New York City at Poets House and the National Book Critics Circle to studying in abroad in Madrid, Spain with a woman named Dora who spoke zero English and didn’t believe in the internet. Two summers ago, I spent a few months in the woods as a writing fellow at Pierce Cedar Creek Institute near Kalamazoo. This summer I taught children poetry through the words of Pablo Neruda and Shel Silverstein in workshops held at the public library in my hometown of Marshall.

I believe that poetry is a vessel for communication and human expression. I am so grateful that poetry has now brought me to Sundress as an editorial intern.

In the nearby future (after I graduate), I hope to move somewhere new and hopefully continue my writing career teaching poetry workshops before someday pursuing my MFA in poetry.

Kate Belew is a student of Poetry at Kalamazoo College where she studies with poet Diane Seuss. She interns with the reading series at The Kalamazoo Book Center, and received the Nature in Words Fellowship at Pierce Cedar Creek Institute where wrote in the woods all summer. She has been published in journals such as The Minetta Review, Collision Literary Magazine, and Cliterature. When she’s not writing she’s dancing, hula hooping, or reading tarot cards. She is a firm believer in duende.