Project Bookshelf: Lauren Perlaki

Last month, I moved to a new place. It was much to my surprise (and delight) to discover that one of my bedroom walls came adorned with a set of built-in shelves. What a perk. What I failed to realize was that because these shelves were without sides, I would need bookends to keep my things propped and in place. Alas, I did not have bookends to spare, so I made do (as you can see) with books for bookends – my “book-bookends.” While they aren’t the prettiest set of shelves, they do the job. From stacks of old journals to beloved books, these shelves house all that I currently have space to hold dear. They also function as a place for my Post-it® sticky notes, mason jar of writing utensils, and trusty alarm clock to call their own. Hands down, the bookshelf wall is the coolest wall my bedroom has to offer.



Lauren Perlaki is a senior at Kalamazoo College double majoring in Art History and English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. She is also pursuing a concentration in Media Studies. When she isn’t furiously working to meet a deadline, or cramming 500+ years worth of art into her noggin, she can be found singing with her a cappella group, searching for a decent cup of coffee, or going on about how great the music scene is in Kalamazoo. She is a co-editor-in-chief of Kalamazoo College’s annually published literary and visual arts magazine, The Cauldron, and a lover of modernist literature.