21 Great Gifts for the Writer in Your Life

When gadgets and gizmos abound, it can be a bit tricky to find a good gift for someone who is always writing (or trying to). This year, get them something that’ll really let them make their mark at any price!

1.Cosmos Waterproof/All Weather Notebook– $9


These notebooks are awesome for someone always on-the-go use because of their size, and they are waterproof! No coffee or tea spills to destroy precious ideas. Pack of 5 available here.

2. Magnetic Poetry Kit–$12


Even if they already have these sprawled all over their refrigerator, magnetic poetry kits are fun for brainstorming (and holding up tiny pieces of paper). This pack and others from magneticpoetry.com are available in a variety of different sets like Cat Lovers, Charles Dickens, and Cocktail Hour. Or, take a look at this shop on Etsy for other faves like Game of Thrones, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Gilmore Girls.

3. Pilot Varsity Disposable Fountain Pens– $15


Rather than spending an entire paycheck on a fountain pen and some ink, get them a pack of disposable pens. This pack from Pilot comes with 7 bright colors. Available here.

4. Dammit Doll– $16


These fun dolls come in different designs and make a great gift for someone to toss around while trying to get stuff onto the page. Each doll is handmade and has a poem stitched onto the belly to inspire some thoughts (or swear words). Get one here.

5. DIY Bookmaking Kit- $15


This bookmaking kit is perfect for showcasing short stories, poems, business cards, photographs and more. Each kit comes with instructions, materials to make the book, and some nifty suggestions for how to showcase their work. Find it here on Etsy.

6. Write Like a Motherfucker Coffee Mug–$15


Because sometimes they need a reminder that they’re a badass. Available here.

7. Punk Rock Author Coasters Set–$18


Jam out to some Sex Pistols while Dickinson, Thoreau, Austen, and Kafka keep side tables safe in style. For each set sold, Out of Print donates a book to a community in need. Grab them here.

8. The 2016 Sundress/SAFTA Calendar–$20

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 4.22.16 PM

Get them the 2016 Sundress/SAFTA calendar, this year featuring portraits of gender-swapped work that want to destroy the gender binary! Featuring Chris Petruccelli, Jennie Frost, Rhonda Lott, Grant Howard, Vania Smrkovski, Ben McClendon, Rose Meyers, Katie Hall, Shastina Parahoo, Emily Capettini, Adam Crandall, Emma Walcott, Jeb Herrin, and Luci Brown! Snag one here

9. Adagio Tales and Tea Leaves Sampler Set–$19


Adagio has plenty of tea samplers for fandoms like Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, even fan fiction. This particular set is for fans of Lord of the Rings. Find it here or browse the entire collection here

10. Paddywax Library Candle Collection–$15/$21


No, they don’t smell like the writers themselves, but these soy candles from Paddywax have original mixes like cardamom, absinthe, and sandalwood to give writers a whiff of something inspirational. Available online here.

11. Their Own 2×2 Square in SAFTA’s Poetry Barn–$25


Get a 2’x2′ space to have a poem/quote/prose selection of your choice (by yourself or by someone else) printed directly on the barn!

Simply supply us with the piece you’d like to appear, and we will handwrite it for all SAFTA visitors and residents to read and enjoy during our readings, events, and more! Find it here

12. Literary Quotes Poster–$24


These gorgeous prints by Etsy artist ObviousState are great for the writer who wants something more minimalistic for their home.  Buy them here.

13. “From the Library of” Stamp– $29


Help them stake their claim on their library with a custom-made stamp. Find it here.

14. iPad/Tablet Portfolio–$38


This portfolio comes with a cute typewriter print, and doubles as both sneaky storage for their tablet or iPad and a notepad to jot down ideas while reading their favorite E-book. Available on Etsy.

15. Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Warmer–$37


On a tight writing schedule, they might not be able to pop out to get their favorite latte. Give them the ability to make their favorite drinks at home or in their office.  Get it here.

16. Secura 1.8 Quart Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Water Kettle– $45


Alternatively, if they prefer tea, a cordless water kettle is an option. No messy cords, and this kettle has a cool-touch exterior to held avoid burns. Find it here.

17. Library Stamp Sweatshirt–$42


Remember when, not-so-long-ago, library books were stamped? This fleece sweatshirt from Out of Print will keep any writer cozy and warm while they write. Purchase of this sweatshirt also sends a book to a community in need! Snag one for them (and maybe yourself, too) here.

18. The Poet Tarot and Guidebook from Two Sylvias Press–$48


Two Sylvias Press has this awesome set of tarot cards and guidebook with beloved poets on it “to help writers explore nuances of the creative process.” Need we say more? Buy this online here.

19. Subscription to Journal of the Month– $40-$199


A subscription to their favorite journal, or even one to Journal-of-the-Month is an amazing gift for anyone. Journal-of-the-Month includes publications like The Missouri Review, Tin House, and more to give them a nice sample from a range of journals. Aside from skipping a trip to the post office, you can also choose a subscription type that suits their needs and your budget. Check out the options available for Journal of the Month subscriptions here.

20. Audible.com Subscription–$15-$250


Not everyone has as much time as they would like to sit down and read. For someone always on-the-go, an audible.com subscription is a perfect choice. For $15/month (depending on the type of subscription) they’ll get to choose from hundreds of audio books and stream their book directly onto their phone, tablet, or computer. That way, they can listen during the commute to work, while cooking dinner, or on a business trip! Find out more about audible and its subscription services here.


21. Do something with them not writing-related

Take them to the movies, treat them to a nice dinner or a massage. For most writers, the gift of relaxation is necessary yet hard to find. Knowing that they are getting time to unwind and enjoy other things in life can be one of the greatest gifts to receive.


Hunter Parsons is a recent graduate from Kalamazoo College. When she’s not writing, being a plant mom, or advocating for young women’s self esteem, Hunter is baking and glued to Turner Classic Movies. 


It’s tattooed on the base of my neck: a large, black semicolon. I got it in the fall of my senior year of college, after a boy broke my heart by not loving me back, after I self-harmed for the first time in almost ten years, after I was diagnosed with a panic disorder. Truthfully, it was a bit of a rash decision, like many tattoos are for 20-somethings living in college towns, but it has come to mean more to me the longer it has been inked in1235977_10152452573315869_4960828711613384046_nto my body.

A semicolon by definition, is a punctuation mark used to separate two complete clauses. However, a few weeks before I decided to brand myself with a punctuation mark, I heard another way someone looked at it. The Semicolon Project, an organization that aims to bring public awareness to mental health, specifically for those who self-harm, have attempted suicide, have depression, and anxiety says that “asemicolon is used when an author could have ended a sentence, but chose not to. The sentence is your life, and the author is you.”

For me, this definition became a crucial mantra to me. Every day I choose to live, and every day I need to remind myself that my choice is important.

The Semicolon Project started as a small, planned event: on April 16th, 2013 draw a semicolon on your wrist to support mental health awareness. The response was remarkable. Over 700,000 people in 9 different countries participated, showing their support for speaking about mental illness. When I heard about the results, I wanted to leave my mark too, but I didn’t want mine to wash off with a few showers. I wanted my mark to be as permanent as the illness I live with.

I chose my neck because I want to remind myself that while I cannot always see my semicolon, or see a way out of a bad situation, it’s still there, and I’m still there. I will continue to grow and change. I will continue to be sick, but what is important is that I remember that I am still here, living and trying to figure out every wave of my illness. I don’t end here;

Hunter Parsons is a recent graduate from Kalamazoo College with a degree in English with a writing emphasis. She has been published in The Cauldron, Kalamazoo College’s literary magazine, and is being mentored by poet Diane Seuss. When she’s not writing, being a plant mom, or advocating for young women’s self esteem, Hunter is baking and organizing her ever-growing makeup collection. 

Meet Our New Editorial Intern: Hunter Parsons


I come from a small city swallowed by larger suburbs. Clawson, Michigan is two square miles that is often mistaken for some other town located in the hub of the Metro Detroit area. Growing up, I spent my summers buying stale licorice ropes and Green Apple Jones Soda from the gas station around the corner, roller skating at the rink down the street, and sitting on my porch writing stories and poems in my journals.

When my location changed to Kalamazoo, Michigan to attend college, not much about my small town personality was altered. I still asked random people on the street if I could pet their dogs, I found quiet places in Kalamazoo to write, and became obsessed with fairy lights, baking, and caring for air plants.

I have been a writing consultant in my college’s writing center for three years, a teacher’s assistant for creative writing classes, co-taught a course on pedagogy, assisted in selecting works of fiction for my college’s literary magazine, The Cauldron, and have been published in zines such as This Heart is Homebound.10846333_10152906125364421_913962029239935187_n

This summer, I’ll be graduating from Kalamazoo College with a BA in English with a writing emphasis and will trek back to Metro Detroit with poetry books, a tiny plant army, and a collection of too many coffee cups. I hope that being home and without roller skates, I’ll be prompted to apply to graduate schools to pursue an MFA in poetry.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work for Sundress Publications as Editorial Intern!

Hunter Parsons is a senior at Kalamazoo College pursuing a degree in English with a writing emphasis. She has been published in The Cauldron, Kalamazoo College’s literary magazine, and is being mentored by poet Diane Seuss. When she’s not writing, being a plant mom, or advocating for young women’s self esteem, Hunter is baking and organizing her ever-growing make-up collection.