Meet Devyn Fussman, Editorial Intern

Hello! My name is Devyn, and I’m an editorial intern for Sundress and an English student at Florida State University. The only thing I love more than creating words is helping to make them better, which makes editing a dream job for me.

I began my literary journey with creative writing classes and a staff position at my high school literary magazine and have been hooked ever since. Throughout my college years I’ve written and edited for newspapers, literary magazines, and online blogs and am thrilled to now be working with the Sundress team. I love stories and language in all forms and fashions, but poetry, diversity, and book publishing have always been close to my heart.

Besides reading and writing (which is how I spend most of my time), some of my other passions are fanfiction and fandom, anime, movies, photography, and video games.

Devyn Fussman is a senior English major at Florida State University and a born bookworm. She has written and editedĀ for several publications, including The Southeast Review, TIPS, andĀ Nole Reservations. She is currently an information assistant at FSU Student Publications and pursuing her English degree and a certificate in Editing and Publishing. When she’s not writing, Devyn enjoys fanfiction, books, photography, and video games.