Meet Our New Community Relations Intern, Rachel Worsham!


“Never again,” I said in jubilation, “will I write another English paper.”

The day I made this declaration and turned in my last high school English paper I was set to start college at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee as a marketing and management double major. Nashville’s music business scene is where I thought I was headed. So much so that I transferred to Belmont University—the school I initially chose Lipscomb over—to enter its Music Business program. After one semester at Belmont, I realized how much I didn’t care about copyright law and had a tear-filled come-to-Jesus moment in the office of a rightfully alarmed English professor I’d never met before but who I’d take a handful of classes with after.

My not-so-graceful journey to receiving my Bachelor of Arts in English-Writing from Belmont University in May 2012 is a lot like how I’d describe finding my way post graduation. Let me tell you—there have been tears. Moving back in with your parents is hard on everyone, y’all. Truthfully, I don’t know exactly where I want to end up, except that I know I long to be a part of a community of writers and creators and thinkers. And for that reason, I’m glad my role this summer as SAFTA’s Community Relations Intern is a stop along the way.


Rachel Worsham is a 2012 graduate of Belmont University and holds a Bachelor’s degree in English-Writing. Like many post-grad English majors—and most 21- to 25-year-olds, in general, for that matter—she’d very much like to take the “So what are you doing now?” question off the table. She’ll let you know when she figures it out. Until then, Rachel is running the Children’s Department at the Knoxville Barnes & Noble and collects more books than she has time to read. She’s a writer and editor in her not-so-spare time and has been called the Bruce Lee of wearing leggings as pants.