National Poetry Month Playlist: Alexis Hamilton’s Picks



To celebrate National Poetry Month, our Sundress editors are sharing some of their favorite poems, most influential poems, and poems that they are really digging right now. Put them all together, and you have the Sundress Poetry Playlist!

Today’s picks come from our Marketing Intern, Alexis Hamilton!

William Butler Yeats “Brown Penny”

I love this poem for lines five through eight. I hear the helplessness of infatuation in it, and I love its simple declaration of devotion.  I cannot read it enough, and I think that is the way it is when we find truthful things – we are drawn to them because of their unabashed honesty.

E.A. Robinson “Luke Havergal”

Sometimes you love something and you cannot claim a reason why.  I have tried to dissect my thoughts about it, but they all come up broken and ineffectual.  I can only say that I love it.

Theodore Rothke “I Knew a Woman”

This is my favorite love poem.  I love it for its imagery, honesty, and the raw admiration depicted in it.  I hope one day someone could feel this way about me and that I could return it.


Alexis Hamilton a sophomore at the University of Tennessee and Marketing intern at the Sundress Academy for the Arts and is open to suggestions about what she should do with her life. She is currently reading eleven different books because she didn’t know which one to start first. She hates making her bed; however, she cleans and does laundry when she’s stressed. She is terribly afraid of snakes, but not of calories. Lastly, everything in this bio could be wrong. (Not the snake thing, though – they really do make her cry, and she has no control when it comes to Reese’s cups.)