Transgender & Nonbinary Workshop

For many in the queer and trans community, we wrestle with the idea of ‘self’ on an almost existential level. When you have to question things like sexual/romantic orientation, gender, your childhood, and your name, it can lead one to wonder how much of the “you” is expressed and how much is hidden. It also opens us up to the questions of how that has changed over time and how it may change again since one’s sense of self can be heavily impacted by the queer experience. Even memes and social media posts delve into this kind of search for self and ways to exist outside of social bonds and boundaries.

As many queer folk are drifting farther outward, away from rigidly-defined roles and into a more nebulous sense of being, we want to explore the ways that this search can manifest in writing, whether in telling our own stories or using our story to influence the ways in which we tell others. In this open genre workshop, we will explore the trans and nonbinary identity and the ways in which it can inform our creative writing.

This workshop will be led by Gene Jeter and Nik Buhler on January 22nd, 6-7PM in Hodges Library Room 252 on the campus of the University of Tennessee. This event is free and welcome to the public.

Gene Jeter is a writer and photographer in Knoxville, TN. You’ll usually find him by a campfire with a beer in hand. (Pronouns: he/him or they/them)

Nik Buhler is a queer, Appalachian native living in Knoxville, Tennessee. Their work has been featured in Phoenix Literary Arts Magazine, Crab    Fat Magazine, and Apogee Journal. As Writer-in-Residence at the Sundress Academy for the Arts, Buhler can be always be found writing new poems and chasing chickens around the coop.

The Sundress Academy for the Arts (SAFTA) is writers residency that hosts workshops, retreats, and residencies for writers in all genres including poetry, fiction, nonfiction, journalism, academic writing, playwriting, and more. All are guided by experienced  instructors from a variety of creative disciplines who are dedicated to cultivating the literary arts in East Tennessee.


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