Meet Our New Graphic Design Intern: Steve Sampson

It was my plan all along to study English and teach. It sounded safe and seemed like something I would love. A couple classes into college, though, essays were becoming increasingly painful to finish. I simultaneously found myself in a drawing class in the spring of my first year. This felt like my savior.

Gradually the art program consumed me; I was hooked and finally declared my major after another semester. The way my professor spoke about drawing, to follow your hand and intuition, really opened me up to writing too. I was always stuck and drawing seemed to pry it out of me. This was really the first time that I began writing just for myself.

I decided to take a poetry workshop class this semester which has been such a great experience. I’m writing more than ever before and am again getting a refreshing glimpse outside of the studio art world at the University of Tennessee. It feels like art and writing are merging more and more, becoming part of the same process.

That’s why I’m so excited about this internship. It feels like my interests are finally becoming one. I’m really excited to gain more design skills and be part of such a cool community like Sundress Publications. I’m realizing there are a lot of opportunities to chase in the future that straddle both the worlds that I’ve wanted to be a part of for the longest time. 

Steve Sampson is pursuing his BFA in the University of Tennessee’s Department of Painting & Drawing. When he is not hiding in the art building, he can be found writing, hiking and playing music with friends.


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