The Wardrobe’s Best Dressed: Feel Better by Rosie Accola

This selection comes from the collection Feel Better, available from Goblin Prints, a Chicago-based micropress. Our curator for March is Danielle Alexander.

Rosie Accola is a zine-maker, editor, and poet based out of Chicago. She’s currently finishing up her last semester of undergrad at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work has been previously published in Peach Mag and as a part of Ghost City Press’ summer chapbook series. You can follow her on Instagram @rosieaccola

Danielle Alexander is a writer, the owner of Grey Grey Books, and a Managing Editor of The Wardrobe, a daily blog by Sundress Publications that features the work of female-identifying and genderqueer writers. Her writing has appeared in The Bandit Zine’s Love & Heartbreak Issue and the Aquinas College Sampler, where her poem “Mother” received an American Academy of Poet’s Honorable Mention. She is an advocate of self-publishing and has produced two chapbooks, Sunlight Gets Through (2016) and Chasing Rabbits (2016);  two collaborative artist’s books, We Sit Together, At the Table (2015) and White Walls: Entelechia (2015); and Ten Lists: A Workbook for Anxiety (2017). Her work can be found online at


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